Fighting The Good Fighht

$500,000 Verdict

In an example of 'fighting the good fight' Marc Rosenberg has obtained a 'One Half Million ($500,000.00) Dollar' verdict on a slip and fall case which most (NON PAAJ) attorneys would not have even touched. The case involved a slip and fall at Whole Foods Market in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a 79 year-old woman who tripped over the cement barrier (wheel stop) in a parking garage. In a case where nothing was offered until an ADR mediation (at which time only $80K was offered and rejected)—this is a case in which the rightful verdict was reached to compensate this elderly individual for their sustained injuries.

Ronald Cohen, an Engineer of Consulting Engineers, was essential regarding properly marking trip hazards, color gradient, visual cues, and alternative solutions etc. Damages were not an issue as this client sustained a patella fx requiring surgery and a severely torn non-dominant rotator cuff, requiring repair and then a reverse shoulder replacement surgery.

$3 Million Mediation Result in Trucking Accident with Virtually No Property Damage — Mammuth & Rosenberg, Attorneys At Law

41 year old driver was rear ended by a pickup truck resulting in minimal damage to both vehicles. Our client suffered a brain injury resulting in hemi-facial spasm on the left side of his face and aggravation of his previous back injury. Despite pre-existing injuries from a prior motor vehicle accident and defendant’s claim those injuries could not have been caused by such a mild impact we obtained a positive result.

$2.5 Million Settlement for Fallen Light Pole Injury — Mammuth & Rosenberg, Attorneys At Law

Client was injured while adjusting a light pole at job site. The crane operator negligently caused the top portion of the light to fall onto our client’s head resulting in closed head injury, compression fracture of the thoracic vertebra and back sprain.

$2.18 Million Settlement in Vehicle Roll Over — Mammuth & Rosenberg, Attorneys At Law

A 52 year old individual was killed when the Dodge Durango he was driving was involved in a car accident causing the vehicle to roll over. The theory of the case involved the non-crashworthiness of the vehicle he was driving.

$1.5 Million Settlement in Forklift Injury — Mammuth & Rosenberg, Attorneys At Law

A 51 year old man was injured when he was run over by a forklift was awarded a $1.5 million settlement.

$1.5 Million Settlement During Trial for Oil Refinery Accident — Mammuth & Rosenberg, Attorneys At Law

Plaintiffs were injured at an oil refinery because the worksite was negligently maintained. The clients were injured when an explosion occurred on the worksite resulting in severe neck and back injuries.

$1 Million Settlement for Denial of Insurance Coverage — Mammuth & Rosenberg, Attorneys At Law

In a serious accident the insurance carrier denied coverage. Through aggressive litigation the carrier was convinced otherwise.

$750,000 Settlement in Parking Lot Injury

Client, a 73 year old woman, was injured when the defendant pulled out in front of her vehicle from a parking lot. The client suffered a fractured right shoulder, fractured right leg with a torn medical collateral ligament.

$497,000 Settlement in Auto Accident

Client was forced off the road when the defendant entered the roadway from a parking lot. Client sustained neck and back injuries requiring a brief hospitalization.

$425,000 Settlement in Motorcycle Accident — Mammuth & Rosenberg, Attorneys At Law

28 year old motorcycle driver drove around traffic onto the shoulder of the road and struck the back of a van that had made a left hand turn in front of the motorcycle. The defendant’s claimed that the client had run the red light and was entirely responsible for the accident. The client suffered a fractured neck requiring open reduction and a metal rod being inserted as well as a severe nerve injury involving his arm.

$3 Million Settlement Over Brain Injury

A Philadelphia man who said he suffered a debilitating brain injury following a minor rear-end accident received a $3 million settlement in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court on Sept. 7.



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