Cherry Hill, NJ

 Personal Injury Attorneys

“Marc Rosenberg and Phyllis Quintois worked diligently on our recent cases, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the services rendered by Phyllis and Marc. They dealt with my family professionally, kindly, and thoroughly and secured the best possible outcomes. We are thankful for Marc and Phyllis’ excellent management, reliability, knowledge and team work in their field.”   — A.R.


Mammuth & Rosenberg are personal injury lawyers offering services in the Township of Cherry Hill, in Camden County, NJ. Our services are affordable because our consultations are free, and we are only paid if we win the case. We believe everyone deserves the kind of expert representations we provide our clients. We are knowledgeable, experienced
and have successfully won clients substantial settlements since our founding in 1978. Please call (610) 667-1500 for
a free evaluation.